Fundamental Policies Against Organized Crime

Coincheck, Inc. (the "Company") declares the following fundamental policies for the prevention of losses from acts committed by organizations or individuals ("Organized Crime") seeking financial gain through methods involving violence, extortion, or deceit.

Fundamental Policies

1. The Company refuses to maintain relations with Organized Crime.

2. In order to prevent losses from acts committed by Organized Crime, the Company takes systematic and appropriate measures in coordination with law enforcement, the Center for the Removal of Criminal Organizations, and external specialist institutions including providers of legal counsel.

3. The Company refuses to accommodate unlawful claims brought by Organized Crime and responds firmly by taking legal action.

4. The Company refuses to provide funds or to provide assistance to Organized Crime and to engage in transactions conducted secretly with Organized Crime.

5. The Company ensures the safety of its employees and corporate officers dealing with unlawful claims of Organized Crime.

May 01, 2018

Coincheck, Inc.


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