About security

At Coincheck we take security seriously to ensure customers can have smooth and reliable bitcoin transaction.

Here, we will explain everything about coincehck's security.

How we manage your deposits

We completely separate company's assets from customers assets. We never use your assets as the company's.

Two-Factors Authentication

In order to ensure your bitcoins are safe, Coincheck supports 2-Step Verification by SMS and Google Authenticator(iOS, Android).

Image capture of Google Authenticator
Image capture of Google Authenticator

Possible activities that may leak your password.

  • ・Using same passoword in multiple website

  • ・Clicking a spam link

  • ・Downloading software from the internet

By using 2-Step Verification, you can prevent hacking from a third person even your password is stolen.

SSL Client Certificates

SSL will avoid third person to see a conection between you and us.
SSL;Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic protocol.

  • ・Check if key symbol is displayed next to URL.

  • ・URL is ”https://〜”, not ”http://〜”.

Usually, HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) is used when making a connection between server and browser. However, HTTP can not encrypt message or block spoofing. We use SSL to prevent an attack from fraudulent activities.
You can check detail of SSL server certificate by clicking on key displayed in URL column.

Sample image
Sample image

SSL is also used in our internal system.


Check Password Intensity

We recommend you setting strong password in order to protect your account from a malicious third partys/person. To do that, please check the following.

  • ・Don't use easy to remember password; date of your birth, name and id you use for SNS.

  • ・Please use variations on capitalization, spelling, numbers, and punctuation.

How Coincheck keeps your password

Passwords are hashed. We adopt bcrypt(Blowfish); a hash function is suitable way of authentication.

About locked account

When you login, we temporary lock your account in order to prevent hacking by a third person if you fail to login for certain times.

Identity Verification

We take identity verification seriously to make Coincheck a safe place to trade bitcoin. This process is important to avoid fraudulent users.

SMS Authentication

We ask for SMS Authentication to verify your identity.

Identity Verification(Individual)

We verify your identity by reviewing one or more of the following documents.

A high-resolution copy of either document listed below.(ID mush have your name & issuing country) (For people from non-English speaking country, we only accept passport)

※Please take a selfie of you holding your ID(ID selfie).

・Residence Card(provide a backside image)
・Special Permanent Resident Certificate(provide a backside image)
・Driver's license(provide a backside image)
・Individual Number card(do NOT provide a backside)

Identity Verification(Corporate)

If you represent a corporation please submit the following documents.

All of below

  • ・Copy of a document displaying the address of company's registered office

  • ・High-resolution copy issued within the past 6 months of company's Certificate of Incorporation

  • ・Photos of both fronts and backs of managing trader's identity verification documents

  • ・Selfie of managing trader holding their ID

  • ・Corporate trader registration form (If managing trader and company CEO are different)

What's ID selfie?

ID selfie is a modern way of Online Identity Verification. It is used mainly in western countries.

Image of ID selfie
Image of ID selfie

Identity Verification Document 1

Please submit front side image of the Identity Verification Document

Identity Verification Document 2

Please submit back side image of the Identity Verification Document

Image of Identity Verification
Image of Identity Verification

Automatic Log-out

You will be automatically logged out if you do nothing for a certain time. This will protect your account from third person.


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